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SUEZ Connect™ - SUEZ Customer Online Portal.

SUEZ Connect is a smart, reliable account management tool available to SUEZ commercial and industrial customers at no additional cost.

As a customer portal, it is a central place for you to monitor your waste, manage account information, order new services and pay bills in a secure online environment, at any time and on any device. To register for SUEZ Connect you will need your account number and a recent invoice number (both can be found on the invoice)


We invite you to watch a short video to further understand the benefits of SUEZ Connect.

What can you do in SUEZ Connect?

• Manage invoices

You can now view, download, and pay invoices online. Our online payment options give you an opportunity to pay by bank account or credit card and to set up automatic direct debits. 

• Manage account details

You can easily update your account information or contact details. You can also see all active users who have access to the account to increase information security. 

• Manage services

You can view your service schedule on an easy-to read calendar to monitor collection frequency according to your waste type. Up to two years of service and invoice history are also available. You also have the flexibility to add or edit your services. 


SUEZ Connect provides a range of basic reports to help you to monitor your waste. There are four types of reports available on SUEZ Connect:

  • Waste type volumes (cubic metres and %)
  • Diversion vs landfill
  • Invoice history (up to 2 years)
  • Biogas calculator. The biogas calculator shows how waste contributes to electricity production and emission reduction.

All reports can be seen on the account or on the site level, with the ability to filter according to waste type. All reports can be downloaded for convenience in a number of file formats.

How do I register for SUEZ Connect?

Registration only takes a few minutes and all you need is a recent invoice. If you have any questions, please contact us on 13 13 35. 



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