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NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges Brochure

Your guide to recycling charges, opening hours and waste acceptance criteria at our NSW Resource Recovery...


SUEZ is one of the largest processors of urban-generated organics in Australia. Our network of state-of-the-art facilities manufacture and deliver quality composted products to home gardeners, local councils, and customers in horticulture, agriculture, mining, civil works, commercial landscaping and sports turf management.

Our soil sustainability philosophy starts with raw materials, such as recycled organics generated in Australian households and businesses, and ends with the production of quality products that are manufactured to the needs of the soil system to which they are applied.


By returning organic matter to the soil, SUEZ delivers responsible, sustainable resource recovery and recycling solutions that balance environmental, community and economic outcomes.

Our composts provide an environmentally responsible alternative to chemical fertilisers and ‘close the loop on resource usage’.

  • Composted Products
  • Soil Improvers
  • Organic Top Dress
  • Organic Turf Underlay
  • Premium Garden Mix
  • Organic Garden Mix
  • Potting Mixes
  • Mulches
  • Custom Blends
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