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NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges Brochure. Effective 1 July 2018.

Your guide to recycling charges, opening hours and waste acceptance criteria at our NSW Resource Recovery...

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Did you know that each tonne of recycled paper saves 13 trees? Find more interesting recycling facts...

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SUEZ and North Adelaide Waste Management Authority contract is the largest municipal contract in SA in terms of the fleet.

SUEZ Connect™ - Online Customer Portal

SUEZ Connect™ is a smart, reliable account management tool available to SUEZ commercial and industrial customers.
As an online portal, it is a central place for our customers to  monitor their waste, manage account information, order new services and pay invoices in a secure online environment, at any time and on any device.

More information about SUEZ Connect™ -

Qantas and SUEZ: A Resourceful Partnership

With more than 50 waste streams, Qantas' operations generate over 20,000 tonnes of waste annually. For the past 14 years, SUEZ has worked with Qantas to provide innovative solutions to help achieve the airline’s environmental targets, including the ambitious goal to reduce waste sent to landfill by 30% in 2020. 

SUEZ Australia & New Zealand corporate video

SUEZ makes the best use of water and waste by providing smart and reliable resource management solutions for towns, cities, business and industry.

Our local team provides solutions that supply 7 million Australians with safe drinking water, divert 887,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year, and enable the oil and gas sector to process resources in a sustainable and efficient way.

What happens inside a smart cell®?

See what happens inside a SUEZ smart cell® -highly-engineered alternative to traditional landfill. Unlock the power of your waste with Australia's largest generator of biogas for the production of renewable energy.

SUEZ Organics

SUEZ Organics makes it easy for customers to put their waste to good use. We find smart and reliable solutions to collect, recover and recycle waste into valuable resources to help protect our environment.

SUEZ & Taronga Zoo Partnership

In 2013, SUEZ won the Australian Business Award for Environmental Sustainability, which recognises organisations that demonstrate initiative, leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices.
SUEZ’s relationship with Taronga Zoo began in 2008, when SUEZ started managing Taronga Zoo's waste on-site, maximising their recycling rates and finding innovative solutions for composting their animal manure. Since then our partnership has grown beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship, allowing us to work together to change the future of waste.

SUEZ - Rehabilitating Minesites

The residents of Raymond Terrace in NSW are contributing to the rehabilitation of minesites in the Hunter region, simply by putting out their garbage bins for collection.That’s because Port Stephens was the first council in NSW to adopt an advanced resource recovery recycling system that significantly reduces the amount of general waste going to landfill each year. 

2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability