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NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges Brochure. Effective 1 July 2018.

Your guide to recycling charges, opening hours and waste acceptance criteria at our NSW Resource Recovery...

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Did you know that each tonne of recycled paper saves 13 trees? Find more interesting recycling facts...

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Find a list of our services brochures: collection services, smart sells, bin safety and more.


Application for Commercial Credit Account Suez-Resourceco Alternative Fuels

Application for Commercial Credit Account Joint Venture – Suez/Ventia

Application for Commercial Credit Account SUEZ PROSKIPS

Application for Commercial Credit Account SUEZ

Customer - Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University has eight campuses across the Greater Western Sydney region, providing education and research services to a community of more than 44,000 students and 3,000 staff in New South Wales fastest growing area

Collection Services

Responsible, sustainable and cost-effective waste management and resource recovery solutions for your business.

Customer - Reaching new heights with Qantas

Since 2002, Qantas and SUEZ have built a resourceful partnership that is helping to achieve the airline’s environmental goals. SUEZ manages the collection and disposal of more than 50 waste streams across the country from general waste and recycling through to quarantine and read more...

Customer - Bupa Aged Care Homes

Effective, safe and cost-efficient waste removal is important to Bupa. With a portfolio of 17 waste service partners across its homes, the company sought to streamline its services to one supplier, turning to SUEZ in 2015 for expert help. read more...

Small and Medium Business Flyer

SUEZ's waste management services include collection, resource recovery, recycling and disposal. This flyer outlines collection services and equipment systems available to you. Contact us for more information.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines information handling practices, including the way we collect and use your information and how you may access your information, including personal information we collect via this website. 

NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges Brochure

We own and operate a number of resource recovery centres in NSW that cater for household and small business drop-off. Please review our waste acceptance & charges information to familiarise yourself with what each site will and will not accept, and the costs associated with recycling and disposal. This information is updated regularly.

Customer - Port Stephens Council

As Australia’s first region to invest in an alternative to landfill, Port Stephens Council is a leader in sustainability innovation. Aided by SUEZ’s expertise and technology, it achieves impressive diversion rates and delivers reliable services to its residents and visitors.

Customer - Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council’s waste and resource recovery operation is the largest in the southern hemisphere, servicing more than 1.2 million local residents each week. Now 14 years on, the long-standing partnership between SUEZ and BCC is well into its second contract read more

smart cells®

Smart cells® are a sophisticated, highly engineered alternative to traditional landfill. Specialised technology captures and converts biogas generated by waste into a natural fuel used to power homes and businesses across Australia.

Front Lift Collection Brochure

SUEZ's collection systems will help you save on disposal costs through service excellence and reducing exposure to landfill levies. The front lift collection system is cost effective, user-friendly and flexible.

Customer - Crown Perth, a five-star resort

Crown Perth has over ten million visits annually and more than 5,800 employees, but still manages to divert an impressive 80 per cent of its waste from landfill.

Waste collection services:  New Terms & Conditions of Supply for small business customers.

Waste collection services:  New Terms & Conditions of Supply for small business customers.

Our Terms & Conditions of Supply for small business customers have changed, with the latest version dated 25 May 2017. The new Terms & Conditions will apply to existing small business customers from the start of the renewal term of your existing contract.   

The new Terms & Conditions will also apply to new small business customers. If you are a small business customer, it is important that you read the new Terms & Conditions carefully.

Who is a small business customer?
A small business customer is a business that employs less than 20 people (including casual employees employed on a regular and systematic basis).
If you are not a small business, then there will be no change to your Terms & Conditions.

Further information
If you have any questions about the new Terms & Conditions, please call Customer Service on 13 13 35

Rear Lift Collection Brochure

SUEZ's collection systems will help you save on disposal costs through service excellence and reducing exposure to landfill levies. The Rear Lift Collection System is best suited to sites with limited access and space. 

Customer - Stirling innovation in hard waste collection

An innovative partnership between SUEZ and the City of Stirling has delivered a faster and safer system for managing hard waste collections, meaning better services for residents, cleaner neighbourhoods, and enhanced safety for collection workers.

RORO Collection Services Brochure

SUEZ's collection systems will help you save on disposal costs through service excellence and reducing exposure to landfill levies. RORO is a cost effective and efficient system for the removal of bulk waste.

Customer - Inghams zero waste to landfill goal

Inghams is one of Australia’s largest poultry providers, supplying Australian families with quality chicken and turkey products.

Community - Investing in the Community

SUEZ operates in more than 100 communities across Australia and we are passionate about supporting causes that matter to them.

Municipal Brochure

This brochure outlines tailored solutions for Australian councils.

Customer - Pacific Fair Queensland shopping centre

Pacific Fair is currently the largest shopping centre in Queensland and the fourth largest in Australia. Throughout the $670 million redevelopment, SUEZ has continued to assist Pacific Fair improve its diversion from landfill

Medical Waste Solutions

Responsible, sustainable and cost effective waste management, recycling and resource recovery solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilitie.

Customer - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

As Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is in the business of creating a better future for people, industry and the planet. Reducing its own environmental footprint is an important part of this. With more than 50 sites across the country – ranging from scientific and technical laboratories to corporate offices and remote field sites – CSIRO’s waste profile is varied. 

Mining & Resources

We provide sustainable waste management, resource recovery, and industrial services for the Mining and Resources industry.

Customer - Telwater

As Australia’s largest manufacturer of aluminium boats, Telwater helps thousands of Australians enjoy our environment every day. That’s why the company is committed to working hard to reduce their own environmental impact.

Infrastructure - Neerabup ARRT

SUEZ owns or operates more than half the Advanced Resource Recovery Technology facilities in Australia.

Credit Reporting Policy

For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988, SUEZ Pty Ltd and its related bodies corporate (SUEZ, we, us, our) are credit providers.

Innovation - De-packaging

 SUEZ is leading the way in recovering waste materials and diverting them from landfill with the country’s first de-packaging unit.

Safety - DriveCam

DriveCam™ keeps eyes on the road and a focus on driving safely.

Existing customers - Add or change a vehicle to an account

Existing account customers can use this form  to add vehicles to their account, or delete obsolete account vehicles. Please email completed forms to our Weighbridge Administrators via

SUEZ Ethics Charter

The SUEZ Ethics Charter sets the general framework for professional conduct for each of its employees.

Quality Policy

We seek to operate its business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards expected by our stakeholders and, in particular, our customers, public regulators and the communities we are proud to serve.

SUEZ Ethics in Practice

The SUEZ Ethics in Practice sets the general framework for professional conduct for each of its employees and suppliers.

Environment Policy

We strive to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible way preventing pollution and proactively developing environmentally sustainable activities. 

Customer Bin Safety and Hygiene Brochure

This brochure outlines some of the more common issues which arise in relation to front end lift and rear end lift services and suggests ways to minimise those risks.

SUEZ Ethics in Supplier Relations

The SUEZ Ethics in Supplier Relations sets the general framework for professional conduct for each of its employees and suppliers.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to building a strong health and safety culture that at all times encourages commitment to the health and safety of our workers including employees, contractors, owner drivers, agency staff and visitors to our work places. 

SUEZ general terms and conditions of good and/or services

You warrant and represent that: (a) these General Conditions were provided to you sufficiently prior to the agreement to enter into the Contract, in
order for you to effectively review, discuss and negotiate these General Conditions (b) you have fully reviewed and understood these General Conditions; (c) ...

SUEZ Seminar Series Summary - Creating Better Partnerships

Our seminar series is designed to provide a platform for councils to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the waste and recycling industry today. This is a summary of the 'Creating Better Partnerships in Waste Management' discussion held on 10 July 2015.

Wasted Time - SUEZ’s schools recycling and waste educational program

SUEZ Australia and New Zealand provides in-school recycling and waste education services to promote and enhance understanding of the relationships between waste and the environment.

Food and Beverage waste solutions

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest in the world, and can generate a vast quantity of waste in the form of food by-products and spoilage.

Facility management and retail solutions

SUEZ works with you to create waste management solutions that maximise the recovery of resources without limiting available space or impacting your tenants or their customers.

Manufacturing waste solutions

SUEZ works with manufacturers to design processes and solutions that facilitate material reuse. We can help develop logistical solutions that allow manufacturers to incorporate recovered material in their production cycles and supply chain.

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