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SUEZ environnement progresses with planning for Allawuna farm project


SUEZ environnement has lodged an updated works approval application with Western Australia’s Department of Environment Regulation for the planned development of the Allawuna Farm Project, located more than 22 kilometres from the York township.

SUEZ environnement’s State General Manager Nial Stock said the updated design follows comprehensive investigations carried out as part of the normal project development process.

Independent consultants and the SUEZ environnement project team have undertaken further studies, including regarding geology and hydrology, to refine the design of the facility.

“The design has been refined so that the landfill footprint will be concentrated within the northern part of the original footprint, up the slope to raise the floor of the landfill which will further assist with water management. There remains no risk to drinking water,” Mr Stock said.

“The landfill footprint will be reduced by approximately 31% and the overall volume of waste received at the facility will be reduced by approximately 46%. As a result, it is forecast that the operation of the facility will change from approximately 37 to approximately 20 years.”

SUEZ environnement’s proposal continues to be subject to a robust environmental and planning approval process. 

“The regulatory processes include review and feedback and SUEZ environnement has worked within these processes to further refine the Allawuna design,” he said.

“Landfilling plays a necessary role in managing waste and facilities such as the Allawuna proposal are sophisticated, highly engineered and designed to meet strict environmental standards.”

With the reduction in size and lifting of the base of the landfill, to assist with water management, there is less fill material available from excavation of the landfill for use in construction, daily cover and capping. Onsite borrow pits adjacent to the landfill will now be used for this fill and progressively rehabilitated. The proposed facility will account for less than five per cent of the 1516 hectare property, which will remain a working farm.

“The earthworks and construction of the engineered landfill cells will continue to be managed from resources within the site reducing truck movements in the construction and operational phases,” Mr Stock added.

“In addition to the Department of Environment Regulation application, SUEZ environnement has been participating in the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) appeal process regarding the planning approval. The SAT has this month ruled the design changes are not significantly different to the original proposal and the planning approval process can continue. On the Joint Development Assessment Panel’s request, the SAT has invited the Joint Development Assessment Panel to reconsider the planning approval.

“Mr Stock said the recent investigations again confirmed that Allawuna Farm remains the best option for the project which would also deliver benefits to the local economy.

“SUEZ environnement is committed to working with local contractors and local employment will receive a boost with an estimated 23.5 full time positions required by the facility,” he said.

SUEZ environnement’s first preference is always to recycle the waste it receives and in Western Australia, the company operates facilities which divert 100,000 tonnes of collected waste from landfill each year.

CONTACT: Lindsay Tagg on 02 8775 5527.

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