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Plant upgrade puts Australia at leading edge of Alternative Fuel Technology


Australia’s first and only Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) plant has been given a $3.8 million upgrade, enabling joint-venture owners SITA to boost its output and take its alternative fuel technology to the world.

The plant, which is located in Wingfield South Australia and employs more than 50 local people, unlocks the energy value contained in commercial and industrial (C&I), and construction and demolition (C&D) wastes that would have traditionally gone to landfill.  

The waste is processed into an alternative fuel which can replace fossil fuels in cement kilns and other industrial processes. The plant supplies Adelaide Brighton Cement and has been the driving force behind a significant reduction in the company’s reliance on fossil fuels.

“The plant upgrade will increase the potential alternative fuel manufactured from the facility from 75,000 to in excess of 90,000 tonnes per annum. This is expected to help Adelaide Brighton Cement to reduce their gas consumption by up to 30%,” said SITA’s Simon Brown.

When waste material is received at the fully-automated facility, it is sorted, sized and separated. Combustible material is then extracted and processed into the alternative fuel.

The product is made up of a mix of timber, metals, plastics, some cardboard and paper. It may also include small amounts of non-combustible materials.

“This is material that has a high level of embedded energy. What we’re talking about is resource recovery through advanced manufacturing,” Mr Brown said.

“Our alternative fuel can be used as a fuel substitute for coal and gas in high combustion facilities. These facilities benefit from the energy replacement value of utilising PEF instead of traditional fossil fuels.

“The plant helps us put waste that would have traditionally gone to landfill to good use. We recover and reuse more than 90% of the waste we receive, reducing fossil fuel use and reducing landfill emissions,” he said.

SITA audits its fuel production to provide recycling reports and to quantify the final volumes of materials recycled, with the plant being the first business project in South Australia to be recognised under the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative and also the previous Greenhouse Friendly program.

“Resource recovery as an advanced manufacturing sector has undergone immense growth over the last decade, with the introduction of significant new processing technologies and engineering, which is now being taken to the global stage,” Mr Brown said.

SITA has plans to establish additional PEF manufacturing facilities across Australia.

ResourceCo is also taking this processing technology internationally to Asia, where the need for alternatives to fossil fuels is intensifying. ResourceCo Asia is already manufacturing and selling over 150,000 tonnes annually into the Asian region and is excited about the growth opportunities moving forward across the South East Asian region.

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