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The Future is Bright - shaping the future of resource recovery.


Australian sustainable resource recovery management specialist, SITA Australia (SITA), launches its new brand and identity today. 

New SITA FEL Collection VehicleSimon Lee, General Manager, Strategy & Sustainable Development says the company is very proud of the new brand and the role that SITA is playing in Australia as the leader in resource recovery.

“Given our strategic positioning and strong growth over recent years, SITA is in a unique position to present and deliver locally relevant, globally proven sustainable resource recovery management solutions.”

“Our new look acknowledges our international experience and has been designed to ensure that it is instantly recognisable.  It reflects the dynamic and vibrant outlook for the future of our company,” explains Simon. 

At the same time as the dynamic visual look is unveiled, SITA will also change its brand name from ‘SITA Environmental Solutions’ to ‘SITA Australia’.

Simon describes this shift as a strategic move to reflect the direct ambition of SITA to break away from the traditional brand identity descriptions used in the industrial and waste management space.

The bright new look has been launched during the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations.  Whilst the SITA brand itself is celebrating 10 years in 2011, the company history, which dates back almost 50 years, has been marked by a number of key milestones.

Managing Director, Eric Gernath said, “We have launched new brands, built new resource recovery facilities, expanded into new markets, and recorded double digit growth over the last 10 years.  What we have achieved is a reflection of the outstanding commitment of our staff and the strong support of our customers.”

Most recently, in February 2011, SITA successfully secured the assets of WSN Environmental Solutions, the NSW government-owned waste management entity.  The $235 million acquisition significantly strengthened SITA’s position by expanding its NSW service provision into commodity recycling through the material recycling facilities, while the land assets offer further expansion opportunities for additional advanced resource recovery facilities.

“We are exceptionally proud of what we have achieved in the past, but we are more excited about what opportunities we see in the future,” said Eric.
“SITA is in the position of being at the vanguard of maturing the old waste management industry into a more sustainable future.  We are shaping the future of resource recovery,” he concluded.


2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability