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EPA approves SITA trial at Taylors Road Landfill


SITA has received approval from EPA Victoria to conduct a unique six month operational trial at the company’s Taylors Road Landfill in Dandenong South.


SITA will trial the use of restricted Category C soil as a ‘daily cover’ in a single landfill cell which is specifically designed and managed to receive prescribed industrial waste.

Currently, at the end of each day that prescribed waste is received at the Taylors Road Landfill and disposed of in Cell 12C, clean fill soil is used to provide a minimum 300mm cover over the waste.

The trial will see the use of restricted Category C soil as a daily cover rather than purchasing clean fill soil that can be utilised elsewhere.

“Category C soil is a low-level contaminated soil waste that is already destined for landfill. The idea of putting this waste to good use in our daily operations makes sense from an economic and environmental perspective,” said SITA State General Manager Victoria, Kelvin Sargent.

“The six month trial follows more than a year of analysis, evaluation and preparation of a specific Environmental Management Plan by both SITA and EPA Victoria to ensure the trial is conducted in a best practice manner,” Mr Sargent added.

Mr Sargent said the company had also held a workshop and several meetings with the Taylors Road Landfill Community Reference Group (TRL CRG) to discuss the trial. The TRL CRG’s input resulted in expansion of the proposed monitoring program and the use of a dust suppressant which will be applied when the restricted Category C soil has been utilised as a daily cover.

At a special meeting of the TRL CRG on Thursday 31 July 2014, EPA Victoria (Acting) Director of Knowledge Standards and Assessment advised members that “SITA’s application (for the trial) has been considered on its merits and, given the rigorous controls in place, the overall risk of the trial is low”.

SITA plans to commence the trial within the next month. Regular reports to the TRL CRG and publication of the trial results will be available on the SITA website at

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