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Australia’s leading waste and water management brands unite


SITA Australia, Degrémont and Process Group today announced that they will be coming together as one organisation and one single brand.

French based parent company, SUEZ environnement, has revealed its plans to consolidate its global presence by merging all water and waste activities under the SUEZ environnement brand.

The company employs more than 80,000 people world-wide and provides solutions in the drinking water, wastewater treatment and waste management fields.

To lead SUEZ environnement’s activities in Australia, Eric Gernath has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ environnement’s Australian Business Unit, after serving as Managing Director of SITA Australia for the last eight years. Mr Gernath brings significant leadership experience in the waste, water and utilities sectors worldwide.

Mr Gernath said the group’s history goes back over 150 years and its operations in Australia have grown considerably in recent times. SUEZ environnement currently supplies seven million Australians with drinking water and diverts more than 800,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year.

“We are facing the increasing scarcity of natural resources. Amidst rising population growth and increasing density in our cities, our customers across the public and private sectors are looking for global and innovative solutions that meet these new challenges,” said Mr Gernath.

“Whether it’s delivering safe, clean and reliable drinking water or integrating secondary raw materials into production chains, the new structure for the group in Australia will enable us to better respond to the changing needs of our customers.

“As SUEZ environnement, we will provide seamless solutions across the water and waste sectors. We will also draw upon our extensive global expertise and knowledge to explore opportunities to bring new innovations and technology to Australia,” he said.

SUEZ environnement’s operations in Australia will become the largest within the group’s international division with almost $1.5 billion in revenues and more than 160 sites across Australia and New Zealand. The water business will continue to be managed nationally by Roch Cheroux, as Executive Director – Water and Treatment Solutions.

“We have been in the Australian market for more than 50 years. SITA, Degrémont and Process Group have been working with all levels of Government and industry to provide smart, innovative solutions across the water and waste sectors. As SUEZ environnement, we will continue to invest in and grow our business in the Australian market,” said Mr Gernath.

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