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Spring Farm smart cell®

The use of best practice smart cell® techniques, including gas capture and electricity generation, minimises adverse environmental impacts and contributes to the achievement of sustainability objectives for our council and commercial partners.

Located at SUEZ's Spring Farm Advanced Resource Recovery Facility site, the Spring Farm smart cell® is a solid waste, non-putrescible smart cell® operating on a site of approximately 84 hectares.

Operated by SUEZ, the site also includes a Public Drop-Off area for recyclable materials. Recycling activities are undertaken to minimise waste to landfill and to recover commodities for reuse.

Environmental Management

Operations are undertaken in compliance with Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) licence conditions and development consent conditions. The smart cell® has been stringently planned and engineered, with plans and operations monitored by the OEH.

Spring Farm smart cell® is meeting all its consent conditions relating to environmental management of the smart cell® site.


The Spring Farm smart cell® has infrastructure and systems in place enables the production of renewable energy.

The site has two gas capture engines each of 1.15kW capacity.  The on-site gas capture system also supplies the captured gas to another 1.4 kW  engine located at the Spring Farm Advanced Resource Recovery Facility site.

Community Engagement

The Spring Farm Community Reference Groups (CRG) meets regularly to discuss the operations of the Spring Farm Advanced Resource Recovery Park, modications and improvements to facilities, feedback on environmental matters and other related topics of interest.

For more information visit our Community Reference Group page.

Environmental Reports

It is a requirement under the NSW Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 that environment protection licence holders make their environmental monitoring data available to the public.

SUEZ has environmental monitoring systems in place at this facility to ensure that its licence conditions are met. To view monitoring data for this facility click on the link below.

To view the relevant Environment Protection Licence No. 5105 follow the link to the POEO Public Register NSW Environment Protection Authority website.

2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability