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Elizabeth Drive smart cell

SUEZ's Elizabeth Drive smart cell located at Kemps Creek in New South Wales, accepts non-putrescible and industrial waste.

The waste disposal technology used at the Elizabeth Drive smart cell is designed to allow waste to be deposited safely and securely, and to minimise risk to the environment, particularly in the long term. This involves stringent planning and engineering of the smart cell, with our plans and operations monitored by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).  These procedures provide for:

  • Odour
  • Acceptance of waste onto the site
  • On-site management and monitoring of litter
  • Ground and surface water management
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting

Lining systems

Infrastructure is in place to prevent contamination of water around the site. smart cells are lined with an impermeable liner to prevent water migrating into or out of the smart cell. This minimises the formation of leachate (water that has come into contact with waste materials) and retains any leachate that is formed within the pit. Leachate and stormwater are collected and treated on-site, protecting surface water and groundwater in the immediate environment.

SUEZ engineers the cells to ensure waste can be deposited safely through the life of the smart cell, and the land can be successfully rehabilitated once filling is complete.

All-weather access roads are built to the tip face, providing safe access in all conditions.

As the cell is filled, waste material is compacted and covered with compacted layers, usually of clean fill, to control litter and improve safety on the site. The smart cell surface is also appropriately contoured to control stormwater and leachate formation, to enable operations to continue safely and efficiently in wet and dry weather, and ensure a stable surface is created in the long term.

Gas Collection

Organic waste breaks down naturally to produce biogas, which is largely composed of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The Elizabeth Drive smart cell has pipes laid within the smart cell during filling operations to allow biogas to be collected at the site.

SUEZ currently collects biogas which is sent to an electricity generation plant onsite to power the adjacent SAWT facility.

Environmental Reports

Public reports are now available for this facility

2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability