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Engineered landfills and smart cells®

Each year, smart cells® produce enough electricity to power over forty-seven thousand homes. Making smart cells® Australia’s largest producer of biogas for the production of renewable energy.

smart cells® are a sophisticated, highly engineered alternative to traditional landfill.


Specialised technology captures and converts biogas generated by waste into a natural fuel used to power homes and businesses across Australia.

Producing electricity via smart cells® reduces your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly substitute for non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

smart cells® work just like a battery, storing resources for future energy use.

The cell container is made up of specialised liner systems designed to protect the environment and local plant and wildlife. Waste is safely and securely stored within the liner systems for future energy recovery.


Why choose smart cells®?

► Renewable energy substitute for non-renewable fossil fuels
► Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
► Conversion of non-recoverable waste into a practical application
► Renewable source of electricity to surrounding residential properties and businesses

SUEZ smart cells facilities

New Illawarra Road smart cell® (Lucas Heights) New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights NSW 2234 1300 651 116
Elizabeth Drive smart cell® (Kemps Creek) 1725 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek NSW 2178 1300 651 116
Hampton Park smart cell® 274 Hallam Road, Hampton Park VIC 3976 03 9554 4555
Newline Road smart cell® (Raymond Terrace) 330 Newline Road, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324 02 4983 4100
Wallgrove Road smart cell® (Eastern Creek) Wallgrove Road, Eastern Creek NSW 2766 1300 651 116
Taylors Road smart cell® 890 Taylors Road, Dandenong South VIC 3175 13 13 31
North Bannister landfill 6364 Albany Highway, North Bannister, WA 6390 (08) 9418 5577

Biogas Management

When organic material in a smart cell® or landfill breaks down it generates biogas, which typically consists of 45-60% methane (a potent greenhouse gas), 40-60% carbon dioxide and traces of other organic compounds (less than 1%).

SUEZ manages odour across our smart cells® and landfills in accordance with the Environmental Protection Licence that governs the site operations.

At all SUEZ smart cells® and landfills we responsibly manage biogas on our sites with the aim of:

  • Capturing methane and using it to generate green electricity
  • Preventing landfill gas emissions into the atmosphere
  • Preventing migration of gas off-site
  • Minimising odour emissions

See how much your non-recyclable waste contributes to renewable energy and emission offsets at a SUEZ smart cell®. Click here to use our biogas calculator*

*The figures generated by the Biogas calculator are not exact but rather indicative approximations generated on assumptions generated from industry, NGER and company data.

For more information download our smart cell® brochure or watch our smart cell® video

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