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smart cells®

smart cells® are a sophisticated, highly engineered alternative to traditional landfill.


Specialised technology captures and converts biogas generated by waste into a natural fuel used to power homes and businesses across Australia.


Each year, smart cells® produce enough electricity to power over forty-seven thousand homes. Making smart cells® Australia’s largest producer of biogas for the production of renewable energy.


Producing electricity via smart cells® also reduces your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly substitute for non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal and gas.


smart cells® work just like a battery, storing resources for future energy use.


The cell container is made up of specialised liner systems designed to protect the environment and local plant and wildlife. Waste is safely and securely stored within the liner systems for future energy recovery.


Why choose smart cells®?

► Renewable energy substitute for non-renewable fossil fuels
► Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
► Conversion of non-recoverable waste into a practical application
► Renewable source of electricity to surrounding residential properties and businesses


For more information download our smart cell® brochure or watch our smart cell® video

2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability