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Belrose Resource Recovery Centre

SUEZ's Belrose Resource Recovery Centre is a waste transfer station which operates on a former landfill site.

What's onsite at Belrose

  • Resource Recovery Centre
  • Dry Waste Processing Area
  • Waste Receivals Area

Householders and small businesses are able to drop off recyclable materials such as:

  • Recyclables; eg. plastic containers, paper, cardboard, cans
  • Scrap metal; eg. washing machines, stoves, bicycles
  • Hazardous items; eg. paint, vehicle batteries, engine oil, gas cylinders
  • Old clothing

Items received at the Resource Recovery Centre are reused, recycled or disposed of responsibly. Hazardous items are sent to companies for recycling and reuse. For example, paint and engine oil can be recycled for use in the alternative fuel industry and gas cylinders are recovered for their metal. Find out more about what can and cannot be accepted at Belrose in our NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges guide.

Transfer Station

Also known as a waste receival area, Belrose's Transfer Station is where large trucks and commercial waste contractors unload mixed solid waste. There is also a designated section for small vehicles in the transfer station where items that cannot be recycled or reused can be unloaded.

Approximately 22,000 tonnes of waste is received here each year. The waste collected at the transfer station is transported to a landfill for disposal.

Landfill (closed)

The Belrose Landfill reached capacity and closed on 7 November 2014. Its long term care and management is the responsibility of Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC).

Garden Organics Processing Area

This is where householders and small businesses upload their garden organics to be processed. Some of the shredded material is used on site for rehabilitation work and the rest is transported off site to be composted.

Dry Waste Processing Area

This is where large vehicles and commercial waste contractors unload their dry waste. Materials that can be recovered for recycling such as steel, plastic and cardboard are sorted and set off site to manufacturers to be turned into new products. The residual dry waste is sent off site to a dry waste landfill for disposal.

Materials such as bricks, concrete, roof tiles and terracotta pipes from householders are also accepted and processed for reuse on site. In addition, construction and demolition materials from commercial industries are processed and stock piled on site and resold to customers.

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