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Lucas Heights Organic Resource Recovery Facility

The SUEZ Lucas Heights facility helps divert organics from going to landfill and recover these valuable resources for healthy plant growth.

The facility has the capacity to process up to 50,000 tonnes per year of organic material, including garden organic material from kerbside collections and transfer stations.  This material is converted into high quality composts and soil conditioners.

A sustainable solution to the management of garden organics

The composted organic products are tailored to meet market demands, and the process is designed to consistently deliver this outcome. Incoming  feedstocks are carefully blended in proportions that ensure the resulting compost meets end use requirements, with parameters including correct moisture content and ratios of nitrogen and phosphorous.

The mixed organics are composted in an open windrow composting process, which enables the temperature and moisture levels in the compost to be monitored and controlled, optimising the breakdown of the organics and destroying pathogens. Once the windrows have matured, the compost is then screened and tested for sale. The site also accepts clean untreated timber for recycling into mulches and biofuels.

SUEZ Lucas Heights ORRF produces various products for landscaping and horticultural uses, including Lawn-ARRT™ Organic Top Dress and Rehab-ARRT™ Compost.

Native Seedling Nursery for the community

Lucas Heights also has its own Native Seedling Nursery manned by volunteers. It was originally established to produce native plants for the rehabilitation of the New Illawarra Road Landfill at the Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park.
In 2011, the nursery produced over 10,000 seedlings and plants for NSW Parks and Wildlife Service and local environmental groups, as well as the rehabilitation of the landfill site.

Refer to the SUEZ NSW page for more information on the high quality composted products manufactured by the facility.

Environmental Reports

It is a requirement under the NSW Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 that environment protection licence holders make their environmental monitoring data available to the public.

SUEZ has environmental monitoring systems in place at this facility to ensure that its licence conditions are met. To view monitoring data for this facility click on the link below.

To view the relevant Environment Protection Licence No. 12520 follow the link to the POEO Public Register NSW Environment Protection Authority website.


2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability