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Medical Waste Treatment Facilities

SUEZ operates a number of facilities for treating medical waste across Australia. In states where we do not own treatment facilities, SUEZ delivers waste to licenced waste processes for secure destruction/treatment.

Thermal destruction (Incineration)

In Australia the law requires that all cytotoxic waste, and some clinical and related waste, such as pharmaceutical, must be destroyed by incineration. 

SUEZ’s High Temperature Thermal Destruction Facility has been operating successfully in Western Australia since 1994. The facility consists of combustion chambers to burn the waste and volatise gases. The state of the art Air Pollution Control Equipment (APCE) cleans and monitors all emissions.

After treatment, all residual ash (about <10% of the volume of the original waste) is inert, completely unrecognisable and safe for transport to an approved landfill. 

The Facility is independently monitored for emissions and other by-products twice a year and reported to the state government and National Pollution Inventory. Since operations began, the Facility has complied with all environmental protection licence requirements.

Matrix Process

The Matrix process treats clinical waste so that it may become biologically inert and safely disposed of to landfill.

The Matrix process first shreds the waste then disinfects it via an alkaline oxidation process. The resulting increase in pH and temperatures in the mixing unit disinfects the shredded waste. The sterilised waste is mechanically homogenised and transported to landfills. The waste is reduced to about 80% of its original volume and offers an alternative to 100% incineration.


An autoclave is a pressurised vessel in which the moisture and heat of saturated steam is used to kill pathogens and micro-organisms in order to sterilise medical and other waste. The sterilised medical waste is shredded so it becomes unrecognisable before being transported to landfill.
Rotating autoclaves differ from standard autoclaves as they utilise steam sterilisation technology in conjunction with a rotating treatment vessel to break up medical waste during the processing cycle. SUEZ operates both rotating and standard autoclaves.

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