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Lucas Heights

New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights NSW 2234
1300 651 116

What's on site at Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Centre

Opened in 1987, the Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park spans approximately 165 hectares and over 157,000 cars and trucks use the park each year. 

All visitors to SUEZ facilities are required to wear enclosed footwear at all times. Visitors who arrive without appropriate footwear may be refused entry.

Hours of Operation

6am - 4pm Monday to Friday
8am - 4pm Saturday & Sunday

Open for:

  • Householders
  • Small businesses
  • Councils

Waste Charges & Services

Householders and small businesses are able to drop off various types of waste and recyclable materials. Please download our NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges booklet for pricing and acceptance information.

You can also drop off TVs & computers free of charge. For more information and conditions of acceptance please view our E-Waste page.

Resource Recovery Centre

The Resource Recovery Centre and Waste Collection point is an area for small vehicles to drop off recyclable materials.  

  • Recyclables; eg. plastic containers, paper, cardboard, cans 
  • Scrap metal; eg. washing machines, stoves, bicycles
  • Hazardous items; eg. paint, vehicle batteries, engine oil, gas cylinders
  • Milk crates
  • Old clothing
  • Household rubble; eg. bricks, concrete, roof files and terracotta pies (which are all processed for reuse on site)

At the Waste Collection Point there are bins available for items that cannot be reused or recycled. The waste in these bins is sent to landfill for disposal.

Garden Organics Processing Facility

The SUEZ Lucas Heights Organics facility helps divert organics material from going to landfill through processing them into composts and conditioners, recycling untreated timber into mulches and biofuels and producing seedlings for land rehabilitation. The capacity of this facility is 50,000 tonnes of organic materials per year. A variety of compost and mulch products for landscaping and horticultural uses are produced on site and sold to retailers. The site also accepts clean untreated timber for recycling into mulches and biofuels. 

(click on the image to scale it)

Incoming feedstocks are carefully blended in proportions that ensure the resulting compost meets end use requirements, with parameters including correct moisture content and ratios of nitrogen and phosphorous.
The mixed organics are composted in an open windrow composting process, which enables the temperature and moisture levels in the compost to be monitored and controlled, optimising the breakdown of the organics and destroying pathogens. Once the windrows have matured, the compost is then screened and tested for sale. SUEZ Lucas Heights ORRF produces various products for landscaping and horticultural uses, including Lawn-ARRT™ Organic Top Dress and Rehab-ARRT™ Compost.

New Illawarra Road smart cell®

This is where large trucks unload the general household waste (or mixed solid waste/municipal solid waste) that is picked-up during kerbside collections.  The Lucas Heights smart cell receives approximately 575,000 tonnes of waste each year.

The Lucas Heights smart cell® has infrastructure and systems in place enables the production of renewable energy. Organic waste breaks down naturally to produce biogas, which is largely composed of methane - a potent greenhouse gas, but one which can be used in specialised generators to produce electricity. At the Lucas Heights smart cell®, pipes are laid within the smart cell® as they are filled so that leachate and biogas can be collected during and after filling operations. The biogas is extracted and cleaned to harvest the methane, which is transferred to an onsite 17.25MW electricity plant and used as fuel. The methane may also be transferred to the nearby Lucas Heights I 5.75MW plant. Both plants are accredited GreenPower® generators.

Each year, smart cells® produce enough electricity to power over 47,000 homes. Making smart cells® Australia’s largest producer of biogas for the production of renewable energy. The large-scale generation of green electricity from waste was pioneered out of the Lucas Heights site in 1994.

Environmental Reports

It is a requirement under the NSW Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 that environment protection licence holders make their environmental monitoring data available to the public. SUEZ has environmental monitoring systems in place at this facility to ensure that its licence conditions are met.

Community Reference Group

The Lucas Heights Community Reference Group (CRG) meets once every three months at Club Central Menai (44-60 Allison Crescent, Menai) to discuss the operations of the Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Park, modifications and improvements to facilities, feedback on environmental matters and other related topics of interest. Find out more at Lucas Heights Community Reference Group page. 

Development Consent

Increase landfill capacity, relocate and expand the garden organics facility and construct and operate a new resource recovery facility.

Find out more information below:

  • Access to our Development Consent here
  • Access to our Operational Environmental Management Plan here
  • Access to the LHRRP Environmental Impact Statement and Response to Submissions here
  • Access to Independent Environmental Report 2018 here
  • Access to SUEZ Environmental Report Action Plan here
  • Access to Annual Environmental Management Report here

Contact Lucas Heights

For information regarding opening and closing times, gate fees, acceptance criteria or other site-specific information, please complete our online enquiry form or call 1300 651 116.

To provide feedback on any environmental matters you believe may be associated with one of our NSW facilities, please call 1800 ENV REP (1800 368 737). 


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