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Grand Avenue (Opp Thackeray Street, Entrance via Patricks Container Yard), Camellia NSW 2142
13 13 35

Please note that the Camellia facility is a Commercial/Industrial disposal centre only and not for public use.

What's onsite at Camellia?

Materials received at Camellia are treated, recycled or disposed of responsibly. All waste streams into the facility are monitored using the Office of Environment and Heritage Online Waste Tracking System.

Transfer Station and Commercial Material Recovery Operation (CROP)

Camellia operates a general solid waste (putrescible) Transfer Station that accepts material from C&I account customers. These materials are sent through the CROP process to extract recyclable materials such as mixed plastics, cardboard and paper, aluminium cans, organics and metals. Recyclables captured are then diverted from landfill and recycled for reuse.

The Camellia Transfer Station receives over 48,000 tonnes of material each year.

Product Destruction Recycling Process

Camellia offers a secure product destruction service to businesses that is reliable and meets all confidentiality and security requirements. At all times we ensure the protection of your brand, business name and product details.

Our product destruction service has a strong focus on resource recovery opportunities to ensure that as much of the product as possible is recovered and kept out of landfill.

SUEZ's product destruction service complies with the highest industry standards for operational safety and quality. Camellia is a bonded facility, and is compliant with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), Customs and ATO for product destruction. At the completion of all work, a Product Destruction Assurance Certificate is issued. Arrangements can be made to view the destruction, or a DVD video can be provided upon request.

Quarantine Waste Treatment

Camellia houses one of the largest Quarantine Waste Treatment facilities in Sydney and is licensed to accept and treat both liquid and solid quarantine wastes. Vacuum tankers are used to pump out large volumes of quarantine waste stored in tanks, pits or 205L drums and then transported to our licensed facility. A wash-out and de-contamination service is available for bins and vehicles transporting the quarantine wastes to prevent the risk of cross-contamination and airborne particles reaching the environment.

Grease Trap Pump Out and Treatment

SUEZ offers safe storage, collection and disposal services for used cooking oils. Storage devices can be supplied for cooking oil, and vacuum tankers are used to pump out and transport the waste to our Camellia facility where the cooking oil can be recycled.

Segregating cooking oils from grease trap waste can prevent grease traps from overflowing due to blockages, reduce maintenance issues and can be used as a recyclable product.

Industrial Liquid and Hazardous Waste Pump Out and Treatment

Camellia operates a licensed Liquid Treatment Plant with chemical, biological, heat and de-watering processing capabilities. This facility can process oily water, paint, ink, adhesives, photographic waste, filter cakes, industrial wash-waters, surfactants, fire wash-waters and liquid food waste.

A bulk liquid and dangerous goods service can be provided by our licensed fleet of vacuum tankers and collection vehicles.

Clinical Waste Collection, Treatment & Recycling

Camellia now includes a facility for the treatment and recycling of clinical waste. The facility is fully licensed with certification by NSW Health. Storage vessels can be sterilised and cleaned on-site, and recycling services are available for:

  • KIMGUARD Sterile Wrap Recycling
  • Healthcare for the Environment (Single-Use Medical Devices)
  • Operating Room Plastics Resource Recovery program

The clinical waste division is supported by a range of collection vehicles to remove your waste from site and can provide delivery of sharps containers, clinical and cytotoxic waste bins.

For further information on SUEZ's Camellia Resource Recovery & Treatment Facility and the services SUEZ offers, please contact us on 13 13 35.

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