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Cairns ARRT Facility

Opened in 2003, SUEZ's Cairns ARRT Facility processes up to 125,000 tonnes of residential and commercial waste each year.

The facility services more than 150,000 residents in the Local Government areas of Cairns, Douglas and Mareeba.  In addition, the facility also accepts waste from commercial businesses, assisting them achieve higher waste diversion rates and achieve sustainability targets.

The Bedminster technology deployed sorts non-organic materials from mixed solid waste and composts the remaining organic material through drum composting and maturation.

Through processing of the organic food and garden material in accordance with appropriate Australian Standards, the facility produces high quality compost which is sold to local horticultural enterprises, such as sugarcane producers.

The use of organic products such as SITA Organics Crop-ARRT™ Regenerate compost assists local farmers to better manage nutrients on-farm.  When applied to agricultural land, the compost reduces nutrient run-off, improves the efficiency of plant nutrient uptake and improves the structure and water holding capacity of soils. 

The role of compost in reducing water, sediment and nutrient migration to local waterways has been recognised by its inclusion in the Federal Government's $200 million Reef Rescue Plan, which aims to minimise damage to the Great Barrier Reef by improving land and water management practices.  Local farmers may now apply for funding to apply compost to their land under this program.

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