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Wetherill Park Resource Recovery Facility Upgrade


The purpose built facility provides essential waste management and resource recovery infrastructure to service Western Sydney.

About the proposal

We are seeking approval to:
• Increase the putrescible waste handling capacity from 10,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) to 140,000 tpa.
• Reconfigure on-site traffic and increase site truck parking
• Build a new workshop and storage area


The facility accounts for less than 6% of the traffic on Davis Road. A traffic study has been completed and showed the site currently generates 46 movements during the AM peak hour and 48 movements during the PM peak hour. The proposal is expected to increase the movement to 70 in both the AM and the PM. SUEZ has undertaken intersection modelling which has concluded that there is sufficient capacity in the surrounding road network to cater for the anticipated traffic increase.

Air quality and odour

SUEZ has measures in place to prevent and mitigate odour from the facility and this will continue. An air quality assessment in accordance with the NSW EPA approved methods has been undertaken and shows odour levels from the upgraded facility would not be perceived as a nuisance at nearby commercial properties.

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