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Queanbeyan Resource Recovery Facility and Waste Transfer Station


SUEZ is seeking to invest in a Resource Recovery Facility and Waste Transfer Station in Queanbeyan

The purpose built facility will provide essential waste management and resource recovery infrastructure to service commercial businesses in Queanbeyan and the ACT.


As part of the development, we are seeking feedback from our neighbours and the surrounding community.  As with any new development, we understand there may be questions about the proposal.  We have provided some answers to some of the common questions to traffic and odour concerns below.


The site is within an industrial area which is designed to cater for heavy vehicles.  The existing SUEZ facility generates approximately 30 heavy vehicle movements per day. The proposed facility would generate an additional 30 truck movements per day on average, generally at off-peak periods to reduce travel time and avoid congestion. On peak days, the entire operation may generate about 80 heavy vehicle movements per day.  During weekends, up to 15 truck movements per day are expected.

Trucks using the waste transfer station will enter and leave the facility via Bowen Place which has direct access to Canberra Avenue, which can experience up to 30,000 vehicle movements per day. The traffic study shows that the proposed development will generate less traffic movements compared to previous site uses (removalist and storage company) and will not impact adversely upon existing traffic conditions.

All parking for the facility will be on-site with 61 underground car spaces for employees.  The waste transfer station has been designed to prevent trucks queuing on local roads.


The sorting and processing of waste and recycling will take place within a fully enclosed building with air pressure and odour control systems.  Doors to the facility will close immediately after a truck or vehicle has entered or exited the building.

SUEZ also has measures in place to prevent and mitigate any odour from in and around the facility. Waste receival areas will be cleaned daily with all other areas of the site cleaned and maintained regularly.
An air quality assessment in accordance with the NSW EPA approved methods has been undertaken and shows odour levels from the proposed facility would not impact the surrounding community. The study identified sensitive receptors and estimated potential odour concentration of 0.6 odour units.

Typically, odour less than two odour units is not perceived as a nuisance.


The site will be fully enclosed and bounded by appropriate security fences. SUEZ has measures in place to prevent and mitigate any litter from the facility through daily housekeeping and inspection regimes.

Visual Impact

The proposed facility will have no effect on the visual amenity of the surrounding area. The proposed facility is on an undeveloped site within an industrial estate and is not visible to residential areas or public recreation areas. From Canberra Avenue, the site is screened by vegetation.


Noise Impact Assessment was conducted for the proposed development. The noise assessment concluded that the proposal would have limited or no significant impacts on the community or environment
In particular, where truck movements occur at night time, the predicted increase in traffic noise levels would not be perceptible to human hearing.


The stormwater system would be designed to collect and store rainwater for use on site and at the adjacent cement works as far as practicable. Greywater generated on-site from operational activities will also be captured and treated for re-use where possible.

Feedback & Timeline

The Environmental Impact Statement is currently on exhibition with Queanbeyan City Council. This process provides the local community with the opportunity to register their support or have their say on this project.

SUEZ is also inviting the local community to learn more about the project. A community ‘drop-in’ session is also being from 2pm to 8pm on Thursday 25 February 2016 at.

Queanbeyan Kangaroo Rugby League Football Club (ROOS Club)
Cnr Stuart St & Richard Avenue
Queanbeyan NSW 2620


For more information about the proposal or to arrange a site tour to discuss the project directly:

Phone: (02) 6126 6400


(02) 6126 6400

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