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Batteries contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to wildlife, humans and our environment. When they are landfilled their casings disintegrate and this can results in eco-toxic metals such as cadmium and mercury leaching into the surrounding environment. Batteries can be disposed of safely and many of the components can be recycled and used for new products.

SUEZ Battery Recycling Program
SUEZ offers a battery recycling program across Australia. Many day-to-day batteries used in homes and offices can be diverted from landfill and recycled through our program.

What batteries can be collected?
SUEZ collects all forms of day-to-day household batteries: both single use batteries and rechargeable batteries. Examples include:

Single Use Batteries Rechargeable Batteries
Torches Mobile and cordless phones
Radios Laptop computers
Watches Digital & video camera
Calculators Remote controlled toys
TV/Stereo remote controls Cordless power tools
Smoke alarms Electric shavers

With your help we can significantly reduce the number of batteries that end up in Australian landfills, and reduce the impact of hazardous waste disposal on our environment.

Three easy steps to battery recycling
1. Call SUEZ on 13 13 35 and our Customer Service Centre will deliver a flat-packed battery recycling box
2. Place the box in a prominent area in your workplace and encourage staff to fill the box with their used batteries
3. Once the box is full, apply the sticker over the opening on the top of the box and call 13 13 35 to arrange collection and a replacement box

A small charge is applied to cover collection and recycling costs.

What happens to batteries once they are collected?
Your full battery recycling container is couriered to a specialist e-waste battery recycling facility where the batteries will be sorted into their respective technologies. Rechargeable batteries are recycled within Australia and single-use batteries are shipped, pursuant to Environment Australia permits, to approved overseas recycling centres.

What is recycled?
The metallic components in rechargeable batteries (including nickel oxyhydroxide, cadmium, and mischmetal alloys) can all be recycled. Precious metals found in single-use batteries such as silver, iron and mercury can also be recovered.

Contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 13 35 to find out more about all our collection and recycling services.

What else can I do with my household batteries?
Residents may be able to dispose of their chemicals free of charge through one of the following services:

NSW Clean Out      131 555 The Office of Environment & Heritage provides a free drop off for batteries and other household chemicals to residents of NSW
ACT Canberra Connect 13 22 81 The ACT Government website provides infomation on the safe disposal of batteries in the ACT.
VIC Detox Your Home 1300 363 744 Resource Smart Victoria provides drop off centres and a mobile service for the disposal of household hazardous wastes.
SA Zero Waste SA 08 8204 1947 Zero Waste provides a free drop off service for hazardous waste including batteries.
WA Zero Waste WA 08 6467 5305 A number of drop off centres are available in WA for hazardous waste disposal. Click here for further details of these facilities.
QLD Local Councils   Queensland Councils organise chemical disposal days individually. Contact your local council for more information.

Mobile Phone Battery Recycling
SUEZ accepts mobile phone batteries as part of the battery recycling program. Contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 13 35 to find out more about our battery recycling program.

Mobile phone batteries can be taken to certain retail outlets for recycling including many Australia Post Offices, electronic stores and mobile phone retailers. For drop off points near you visit the Mobile Muster website or call Mobile Muster on 1300 730 070.

Vehicle Batteries
Vehicle batteries are accepted at many SUEZ sites. Please contact 13 13 35 for further information.

For some interesting facts on batteries, refer to our Batteries Fact Sheet.

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