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Sterile Wrap

SUEZ is Kimberly-Clark’s preferred collector and recycler of KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap. A sterile wrap recycling program includes segregation and recycling used, clean and uncontaminated KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap and KIMGUARD ONE-STEP®.

Why recycle KIMGUARD?

The extensive use of KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap in hospitals contributes to a large volume of hospital waste. The recycling of used, clean, and uncontaminated KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap allows hospitals to significantly reduce their impact on the environment.

Correct segregation practices at hospitals ensures that only clean and uncontaminated KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap and KIMGUARD ONE-STEP® is collected and transported to a SUEZ facilities for consolidation, processing and recycling.  In the recycling process, the material is granulated and extruded back to pellets, which are then used to manufacture new polypropylene products such as buckets and rain drains. Any wrap that is contaminated with blood or body fluids must be disposed of in clinical waste bins and treated accordingly. 

SUEZ, together with Kimberly-Clark, will work with hospital staff to introduce the KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap Recycling program.

How does the program work?

SUEZ works directly with hospitals to review and assess current waste management and recycling options. An individual solution is a tailor made for each hospital based on:

  •  the volume of clean, uncontaminated KIMGUARD® Sterile Wrap waste generated;
  • storage capacity for waste and recycling available at each hospital site; and
  • requirements for the timing and frequency of bin delivery and collection.

As the overall success of the program is based on effective segregation practices, Kimberly-Clark and SUEZ representatives provide on-site information sessions for hospital staff on correct segregation practices and the benefits of recycling KIMGUARD®.

Containers and bins to suit your needs

SUEZ will tailor collection configurations and requirements to facilities' needs. Collection configurations may include:
• A 240 litre white bin with a blue lid.
• A bag and frame to capture and contain the KIMGUARD®.
• A baler for sites with large volumes of KIMGUARD®.

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