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Hospital Plastics

SUEZ is able to collect plastics for resource recovery, providing hospitals with an opportunity to significantly reduce waste volumes and improve recycling practices.

We offer the following two plastics recycling services

  • Clean Plastics Recycling

Includes plastic dishes and bowls, kidney dishes, trays, saline vials/bottles and wipes containers.

  • Theatre Plastics Resource Recovery

Includes used plastic dishes, pots, jugs and bowls from hospital operating theatres.

Theatre plastics differ from clean plastics collection as the operating room plastics collected may have been used in surgical procedures and come into contact with clinical waste material. Our Theatre Plastics Resource Recovery Program has been developed in conjunction with Medline to collect, treat and divert plastics from hospital operating theatres.

How the program works.

SUEZ has identified and developed the process required to treat these theatre plastics in-line with legislation and regulations. The treatment process (approved by NSW Health) ensures that any clinical waste residue is removed during treatment.
Theatre plastics can be placed into the dedicated collection container for resource recovery, after any clinical waste material has 

been disposed of into a clinical waste bin.  Any remaining clinical waste residues will be removed during the high temperature sanitising wash treatment process.  Once washed, the theatre plastics are safe and suitable for recycling.
A key element of the service is education and training to ensure all participating hospitals understand the process.

Containers to suit your needs.

SUEZ will provide an approved 240 litre container that is clearly labelled to ensure only hospital grade plastics are collected for recycling.
All collection containers provided by SUEZ are clearly labelled to ensure only clean or theatre plastics are collected in seperate containers for resource recovery.

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