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Medical & Clinical Waste

SUEZ's medical and clinical waste specialist division provides an efficient and safe service to manage the collection, treatment and disposal of all types of clinical and related waste. We are committed to developing innovative and sustainable services to meet the highest industry requirements.

SUEZ offers an integrated waste management collection, recycling and resource recovery service for the hospital and healthcare market. Click here to see the list of medical busineses we work with.

Together, we offer complete and sustainable solutions for more than 20 different clinical and related waste, resource recovery, recycling and general waste streams.


What is on the page

Specialised medical waste streams that we collect*

We can collect the following waste streams:

Clinical waste
Cytotoxic waste
Pharmaceutical waste
Anatomical waste
Clean plastics

Sterile wrap
Surgical instruments
Sanitary waste

Absorbent hygiene products
Dialysis bags/PVC vinyl
Theatre plastics
Laboratory waste

All clinical waste collected by SUEZ is treated in line with legislation, codes of practice, and licence requirements.

Complete waste solutions

We tailor waste collection to specific needs - providing an effective and efficient method of managing hospital and healthcare facility waste disposal. List of our services includes:

Our products

SUEZ provides an extensive range of products for clinical, medical and related waste needs. Please click on the links below to navigate to the dedicated product page

We offer and provide a range of sharps containers and will tailor the collection configuration and containers according to your facility. Collection times may be daily, weekly, monthly or at an on-call basis depending on the type of waste being collected. SUEZ has a large variety of sharps containers' shapes and sizes. 

SUEZ has an extensive range of bins and containers for your medical and clinical waste disposal,  from smaller size 20L pails and 55L clinical boxes (with liner) up to 240L. All our containers and bins are designed for safer handling in the workplace and during transportation and treatment. 


SUEZ is committed to the development of innovative waste technologies that will provide greater efficiency and services to the highest industry standards. We have a range of accessories to accompany your medical and clinical waste disposal

Medical waste audits

SUEZ is experienced in providing hospital and other facilities with detailed waste audits. The scope of individual waste audits are tailored to the level of detail and information you require.

A waste audit is able to assist facilities to:

  • Identify waste diversion and recycling opportunities
  • Characterise and quantify the waste streams
  • Assess effectiveness of current systems to improve efficiency of waste management systems
  • Obtain detailed data on waste generation
  • Identify key areas of compliance
  • Establish benchmark data

Following a waste audit, experienced SUEZ personnel can assist your business to develop and implement a sustainable waste management plan.Information from the audit will assist in the implementation of a successful waste minimisation program.

Waste training

As the biohazard clinical waste handling specialist, SUEZ has the expertise needed to provide in-house training to your staff and can recommend the most cost-effective and safe methods of destruction/disposal for all the waste generated on your site.

Medical Treatment Facilities

Our best-practise waste processing facilities, including our dedicated medical waste treatment plants, handle your waste responsibly and reliably. Navigate to the SUEZ medical waste treatment facilities page to find out more. 

Want to know more?

To find out more about our medical & clinical waste services see our Medical Solutions brochure here. For further information on our medical & clinical waste services, please fill in our online customer enquiry form below.

*Not all services are available in all states

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