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NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges Brochure. Effective 1 July 2018.

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Specialty Services

As the leader in resource recovery, SUEZ provides specialty services across a variety of industry sectors and waste types.

SUEZ provides specialised recycling and waste management services that fall outside the standard scope of collection and disposal.  We offer value-added services that enable companies to tailor-design solutions that meet the needs of onsite activities and individual business requirements.  Our expertise extends to:

  • Medical & Clinical Waste: SUEZ offers the full range of medical & clinical waste removal and disposal services.  Our recycling programs for this industry are proving to be key in reducing hospital waste levels through unique resource recovery initiatives.
  • Quarantine Waste: SUEZ provides AQIS approved quarantine waste management services, inclusive of solid and liquid waste collection, treatment and disposal.
  • Facilities Services Management: SUEZ is the partner of choice for all your facilities management service needs.
  • Special Event Services: SUEZ has extensive experience in developing and implementing recycling and waste management plans for large scale indoor and outdoor events.
  • Waste Assessments & Audits: To ensure success in your recycling program, you should underake an assessment or audit of your current waste management practices.  SUEZ's experienced team can help you identify what waste materials you can recycle and how you can implement an improved program of recycling.
  • Tracking & Reporting: Our leading-edge tracking technologies provide current and relevant reporting, enabling our customers to closely monitor costs and identify new opportunities for recycling.
  • Hazardous & Toxic Wastes: Each hazardous waste type has a unique method of disposal and is treated in accordance with regulations and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Liquid Waste: SUEZ's liquid waste service is ideal for customers who generate any form of bulk liquid or sludge waste.
  • Emergency Response: Our emergency response services provide immediate support in the aftermath of a disaster, and help implement ongoing waste management solutions to benefit affected communities in the long-term.
  • Education: If you know your staff need 'educating' on recycling and waste management, but you don’t know how it could be done, talk to us.
  • Wastewater treatment: From wastewater for industrial processes, produced water, polluted groundwater to acid mine drainage we have the solution. 

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