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Product Destruction

In today's business environment, privacy and confidentiality is more important than ever before. The secure disposal of your sensitive business information and material is vital. When it comes to protecting your brand name and reputation, disposing of your products or information in a secure facility with guaranteed respect for your privacy, is paramount.

Product Destruction at a Glance

SUEZ offers a secure product destruction service to business and industry that is reliable and meets all confidentiality and security requirements. Our service includes destruction of confidential documents, media units, pharmaceutical products, retail products that have been recalled or made obsolete, food and beverage products that are out-of-date, or contaminated.



What we destroy?

  • Product recall items
  • Quarantine waste
  • Out-of-date stock
  • Electronic equipment and records
  • Promotional merchandise

At all times we ensure the protection of your brand, business name and product details.

We can also collect and securely dispose of any confidential documents including:

  • Business records
  • Personnel records
  • Medical/health records
  • Contracts and tenders
  • Office files
  • Archive files

Please refer to our Document Destruction page for more information.


We can arrange for the collection, transportation, secure destruction and disposal of all product destruction material and we guarantee a secure process throughout the supply chain. We can also help large logistics facilities comply with ISO 14001 Environmental Management requirements.

Destruction method

SUEZ's destruction method is specifically tailored to the type of product being destroyed, whether it is end-of-line stock, out of date stock, recalled product, insurance claims, damaged stock or seized items.

All products are held in a secure 24-hour video bonded area prior to destruction.

Recyclable materials such as glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, steel, plastic and liquid are recovered for reuse from the destruction process. Any non-recyclable residuals are compacted and disposed of under supervision at an approved landfill through a secure burial process.

A Product Destruction Assurance Certificate is issued at the completion of all work. This specifies the product type, its quantity, remission numbers and date destroyed.

Sustainable treatment & disposal

Our sustainable product destruction services focus on full resource recovery opportunities to ensure that as much of the product as possible is recovered and kept out of landfill.

SUEZ achieves this by using a combination of automated and manual handling processes to disassemble products into individual material components for recycling. 

We can also provide reporting on the result.

SUEZ’s product destruction service complies with the highest industry standards for operational safety and quality.

Want to know more?

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