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NSW Waste Acceptance & Charges Brochure. Effective 1 July 2018.

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Commercial Waste Recycling

One of the greatest challenges today in conserving our environment is to 'close the loop' on resource reuse. SUEZ is committed supporting the circular economy by helping our customers re-direct waste towards recovery rather than waste.

Everyday Recycling

SUEZ recovers reusable recyclable material from commercial & industrial and kerbside collection services.  These everyday items, including paper & cardboard, plastics, glass, metals, timber, batteries and electrical equipment, are collected and transported to a SUEZ facility for sorting and separation.


Depending on which type of facility the collected items are taken to, sorting takes place through a variety of separation techniques to separate the different recyclable materials. This can include manual sorting to remove large-scale and visible contamination, trommels with various sized screens for sorting, and eddy currents to remove aluminium.

After the material has been separated, it is baled and sent to commercial entities to be manufactured into new products such as cardboard boxes, wine bottles and fence palings.

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Organics Recovery

We work in partnership with local councils and companies to achieve optimum recovery of food and/or garden organics. As Australia's largest processor of urban-generated organics, producing quality fit-for-purpose compost and mulch products that meet customer needs in specific applications all around the country, our SUEZ products represent 'closed-loop’ resource usage, returning carbon and nutrients to Australia's agricultural soils.






Energy Recovery

Dry materials such as mixed plastics, timbers and textiles can also be recovered. These dry items have a high level of embedded energy and through our SUEZ-ResourceCo ARRT facility are turned into alternative fuels for use in existing power stations or cement kilns. The feedstock materials are sourced from construction activities, refurbishments and site fit-outs, manufacturing facilities and other pre-sorted waste streams.

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