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National Key Accounts

Is your business National? If you have multiple sites of operation across Australia, we can help you optimise your investment in waste management.

SUEZ’s National Key Account Management offers a high level of support to give you confidence that:

1. The systems you have in place are optimised to meet your operational needs
2. You have access to the smartest and best waste minimisation and diversion solutions
3. The waste you do produce is recovered and recycled where possible
4. Safety is at the heart of every approach we advocate
5. You get timely, accurate data about your waste outputs and resource recovery solutions
6. Your costs are managed and mitigated wherever possible
7. You have a single point of contact to manage your account, requests and concerns.

Quality Account Management

You may qualify as a SUEZ National Key Account if your business operations are spread across multiple sites and multiple states.

Our approach to National Key Accounts helps you take advantage of the similarities you have between business locations and, at the same time, cater to the diversity of operations where differences between sites requires a strategic approach to resource recovery and waste management.

Part of SUEZ’s approach involves providing a dedicated Key Account Manager as a single point of contact for your business. 

Dedicated Key Account Managers

SUEZ’s dedicated Key Account Managers make business easy, by supporting you to achieve real business outcomes.  Our staff are industry specialists that have a passion for waste and resource recovery, and the experience required to ensure operational and business excellence. They will guide you through the processes of:

1. Contract development – getting the right agreement in place for your needs
2. Waste assessments and audits – quantifying your waste composition and volume 
3. Waste system design – the best system to serve your unique needs
4. Reporting and invoicing – giving you insights into waste generation, costs and mitigation opportunities
5. Best-practice resource recovery opportunities – diverting and recovering resources through SUEZ’s leading technologies
6. Industry analysis – offering insights into waste and resource recovery trends, developments, risks and opportunities
7. Communication and education – helping your people get the most from the systems in place


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