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Perth (WA) Skip Bin hire

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Need a Skip Bin in Victoria?

Hire a SUEZ skip bin today for fast and reliable removal of your waste. You can schedule skip bin delivery and collection when it suits you.


Skip bins are delivered and collected from your site. We ensure your waste is properly disposed of while maximising the recovery of recyclable materials. Help reduce your impact on the environment with SUEZ skip bins.

We know your area and can suggest the best bin for:

-Households and residential areas (including renovation and clean ups)
-Local businesses
-Local builders

Since 2004, SUEZ has been helping Victorian builders recycle residual building materials. With construction and demolition of buildings contributing up to 40% of all solid waste disposed of in Australian landfills - about eight million tonnes every year – SUEZ’s Builders’ Bins will reduce waste to landfill through increased recycling of left-over construction materials. Builders bins are lockable, with a unique code to ensure only waste generated on your site goes in your bins. Builders' Bins are collected and taken to a sorting facility, where recyclable materials are recovered for reuse.


  • Increased site safety
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced chemical run off
  • Reduced public dumping
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Onsite waste removal
  • Litter reduction
  • Protected resources for recovery
  • Affordability funded by high productivity
  • Reduction in council policing and fines


  • 8m3 RoRo
  • 11m3 RoRo
  • 23m3 RoRo
  • 31m3 RoRo

Smaller bins can be available on request. Please submit a form below to get more information.

Bin specifications: Closed-top and lockable with a unique code (on request)

Acceptance Criteria: 

  • Concrete (unreinforced)
  • Concrete (reinforced)
  • Bricks (clean)
  • Asphalt (clean)
  • Mixed Concrete / Bricks / Asphalt
  • Clean Fill
  • Clean Fill Mixed with Grass
  • Wet Clean Fill
  • Mixed Fill - Concrete / Bricks / Asphalt (with Fill)
  • Mixed C&D - As above with small quantities of Metal / Timber / Plastic


Length of hire: Flexible

Victoria Skip/RoRo bins:

NOTE: Scale of the equipment based on average adult height of 1.8m





































For an obligation-free quote or more information about our skip bin services, please complete the 'Sales' contact form below:


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