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Compactors & Balers

All equipment installed, supplied and maintained at our customer sites complies with the requirements of relevant WHS legislation. We carry out full preventative maintenance inspections on all specialised equipment such as compactors based on customer sites. A preventative maintenance schedule and operation training is provided with all specialised equipment installed on our customer sites


We recommend Compactor Systems if your business:

  • Generates large volumes of light to medium density waste – recyclable and non-recyclable (5m3 - 40 m3)
  • Is actively seeking to further reduce cost and service requirements
  • Requires controlled input through a chute or other specialist design

We recommend a Baler if your business:

  • Generates large volumes of recyclable waste
  • Can separate these wastes into streams such as cardboard, paper, aluminium and plastics
  • Seeks to recover and recycle significant volumes of materials

For additional information about SUEZ Compactors and Balers, to hire or to get a quote, please complete our online 'Sales' enquiry form


SUEZ’s Compactor System is user-friendly, safe and flexible system.

  • Compactors are ideal generators of large volumes of light to medium density waste, especially paper and cardboard
  • Compactor leasing frees up your capital to use elsewhere in your business
  • Compactors can be manufactured to meet specific requirements including waste types, service needs, site constraints and the type of feeding and/or loading system
  • Up to 4:1 compaction ratio ensures maximum compaction efficiency and transport cost savings
  • Reduces the number of traffic movements on site, for a safer working environment
  • Extensive list of compaction equipment options and accessories to compatibility to customers’ requirements

Balers can be customised by:

  • Size
  • Usage requirements
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Feed rate (intermittent to constant)
  • Waste types (paper, cardboard, plastic, steel and aluminium)
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