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Source Separated Organics

SUEZ's Advanced Resource Recovery Technology (ARRT) facilities can handle a great variety of inputs, and are designed to produce a range of nutrient-rich, organic composted products.

While the technology used at each SUEZ's ARRT facilities has been tailored to meet the requirements of the facilities’ customers, SUEZ has designed the facilities to produce the highest order resource recovery possible for the incoming feedstocks.

The flexibility offered by SUEZ range of technologies enables SUEZ to tailor its offer to the collection systems implemented by our customers. Our proven technologies can process mixed solid waste, but also clean garden organics, or combined food and garden organics, as well as industrial food wastes. Because these source-separated organic inputs are high in nutrients, we can produce rich compost products that are great for plant growth and soil health, and suitable as a natural replacement for artificial fertilisers.

So whether a customer’s collection system is for garden organics only, or it incorporates food or other organic waste into green materials, we can produce a consistently high-nutrient value end product. And of course all our products meet the stringent requirements of Australian Standards.

Through access to our suite of Advanced Resource Recovery Technologies, SUEZ can increase the quantity of resources recovered from the waste streams of our customers.

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