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Advanced Resource Recovery Technology

We are committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability objectives by providing solutions that improve the environmental and economic sustainability of their waste management operations.

Advanced Resource Recovery Technology (ARRT) offers a more sustainable, higher-order resource recovery solution than waste disposal methods such as conventional landfills, bioreactor landfills and incineration. Using specialist technologies, SUEZ ARRT facilities recover and recycle valuable resources back into the economy.

In additional to owning and operating facilities that recover recyclables such as metals, plastics, cardboard and paper products, SUEZ has seven ARRT facilities around the country - more than half of all ARRT facilities in Australia today. To see the list of our ARRT facilities click here

The technology used at each facility has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of our customers at both a commercial and council level.  These facilities recover recyclables and organic materials from mixed waste for recycling and reuse.

Using our proven, specialist technologies, our facilities recover and recycle valuable resources back into the economy.

Organics can be composted for use in agriculture and horiticulture to alleviate severely degraded soils, while dry combustible materials can be manufactured into alternative fuels that replace fossil fuels in industrial furnaces.




2014 Winner Environmental Sustainability